Quality Assurance Webinar for Africa’s TVET


The 5 Asian Tigers (Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea), were transformed mostly because they fully embraced and exploited the richness of Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) to commercialize and industrialize from TVET related research and innovation. If African countries could follow the same route with MIGHT, then the continent will never be the same again in the near future. However, both ICT- and non-ICT driven inventions, technologies and products do matter for the broad spectrum of people of different settings and financial standing.
It is against this background that the collaborators in this event came up with the given topic as an icebreaker for all African TVET Stakeholders to re-think new ways of exploiting TVET by breaking silos and building bridges for more meaningful stakeholders’ collaborations following the Multi- and Inter-disciplinary approaches.The key focus of the event is also on the quality assurance of TVET programmes which should yield i) relevant & contemporary curricula, ii) a good balance of theory and practice, skewed towards practical sessions iii) the appropriate progression to continue producing the so much needed qualified lecturers for TVET institutions, among others
Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Stakeholders including but not limited to
i) Teacher in Primary, Secondary and High Schools that offer TVET
ii) Technical Universities
iii) Polytechnical Colleges
iv) Responsible Ministries representatives
v) Private and Public Sector TVET industries
vi) International and Non-Governmental organizations working in the TVET Sector and
vii) Anybody interested in the TVET Sector across the globe.

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