The Global Quality Assurance Association (GQAA), represented by its Director Dr. V. Makuku, was invited to witness the investiture of Venerable Dr. Okyere Korankye as the principal of St. Monica’s College of Education Mampong-Ashanti on the 27th of January 2023. It was a great honour and privilege to be part of an event which saw the new and 1st male Principal of this College of Education. Every speaker wished him the best in running the institution with a strong belief that he is highly capable of taking the institution to the next level.
The event was a resounding success because it was well organized with inspirational speeches punctuated by music and dance as well as the competent choir’s special music. The investiture was successful again in the sense that it was attended by numerous stakeholders and guests who came from various locations. The key message relayed during this event was on collaboration, having almost every speaker mentioning the importance and advantages of coming together. Emphasis was placed on everything being possible with each other’s support, which is a symbol of breaking the silo mentality and building bridges. Issues of mentoring and coaching were part of the repeated statements in a bid to offer guidance.
The Investiture was a grant opportunity for the GQAA to meet various key people in different organizations and ministries to shed more light on the purpose of GQAA and how it comes into play to better their existence. A short meeting with St. Monica’s College of Education Mampong-Ashanti leadership and the Director of GQAA saw the possibility of having a fundraising workshop to help the institution to manage the economic hardships and dwindling government support. The discussions were to continue.
The history of this institution indicates that, in order to create a higher education facility for women in Ashanti, Nana Agyemang Prempeh 1, the then Asantehene, requested the establishment of St. Monica’s College of Education. The Nuns of the Order of the Holy Paraclete (OHP) from Whitby in the United Kingdom were called in response to this request, which was honored by Rt. Rev. John Offeur Anglionby, the then-Anglican Bishop of Accra. After arriving in Ghana in 1926, Sister Dorothy, Sister Gertrude, and Mother Margaret founded the St. Monica’s teacher training program in Cape Coast in 1930. With 50 students enrolled, the Training College was eventually moved to Mampong-Ashanti in 1936 and given the new name of St. Monica in honor of an African saint and an example of devout Christian motherhood who was chosen as the patron of the institution. In 1975, Sister Nancy, the final OHP sister to lead the College, departed for Great Britain. The college was first administered by Ghanaians after her departure. The first Ghanaian principal was Mrs. Lucy Peprah Tawiah (1975–1982).
St Monica is the only Anglican College of Education in Ghana which admits female students only. Numerous changes have been done since the college was established. First, a 4-year Certificate “A” Post Middle Course was provided. Subsequently, the institution started to offer Certificate ‘A’ and ‘B’ courses followed by a two-year postsecondary program. A 2-year Specialist course and a 3-year Post Secondary course were also introduced. The 3-year Basic Education Diploma Course was first offered in 2004. This college, of roughly 2000 students enrolled in five courses across seven departments, is associated with the University of Cape Coast. The range of programmes offered include, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Home Economics Education, Languages Education, Social Studies Education, and Religious Education.
In conclusion, St Monica’s College of Education is one of Ghana’s females only institution and is among the colleges that are in transition and moving towards being universities. It is therefore prudent to support such institutions in terms of mindset change so that both the staff and students begin to see the reality that they are moving a step higher. The mindset change should be done so that the college mentality is dealt with and prevented from being a hindrance for the transformation of these institutions. The GQAA congratulated and wished Venerable Dr. Okyere Korankye all the very best at St. Monica’s College of Education Mampong-Ashanti.
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