At the GLOBAL QUALITY ASSURANCE ASSOCIATION (GQAA), we mean serious business and total quality transformation where institutions with our performing track record invite us. The Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration (GIMPA), Ghana, joins the long list of African Universities we have worked with at institutional level and are no longer the same. IT IS ALL ABOUT BUILDING THE QUALITY CULTURE & ROBUST QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.
Thank you GIMPA for the opportunity to work with you!!! We don’t normally dissapoint as already evidenced by the successful activities we have done so far. 
Once again I reiterate that the beauty of the GQAA institutional activities which include workshops and institutional assessments and evaluations for self improvement result in: 
i) a common understanding among the whole institution’s community. This is mainly because of our practical-oriented approach which is inclusive of all staff and students
ii) a community which ends up with a shared vision to achieve 
iii) common goals through working in a team spirit
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