Membership and Benefits for Members of GQAA

The GQAA is a prestigious network that provides a continental and global platform for its members to meet, network, share knowledge, skills and experiences, broker partnerships, and collaborate with each other in a diversity of quality assurance areas related to their areas of specialization. In this regard, the GQAA platform provides an opportunity for African Higher Education leaders, academics, professionals, and administrative staff to know each other on a common platform so that they can contribute towards improving the quality of products and service provision.
Before joining the association, it is important to be familiar with the associated benefits. After joining the GQAA, all members are encouraged to keep abreast with the GQAA activities by being part of the GQAA mailing list and newsletter ( so that they benefit from the wealth of opportunities and information that are shared by the association on a regular basis. GQAA members must also make concerted efforts to be part of the various activities that in some cases will be organized according to areas of specialization.
The specific benefits for paid-up GQAA Member Institutions and individuals include but are not limited to:
1.Professional development;
2.Access to diverse partners, which is also known as networking, brings together linkages created around mutual passion or interests that benefit organizations and individual employees.
3.Coordinated research activities and outputs that can be used for decision making and policy formulation at organization/institution, national and continental levels.
4.Opportunity to participate in discounted training programmes – the association runs diverse fee-based events and activities targeting different sectors and special groups of individuals. Members in good standing receive discounts when they participate.
5.A member institution that hosts GQAA workshops or events also benefits from the marketing and visibility associated with those events.
6.Listing in the GQAA Directory of Staff: Staff from GQAA member institutions/organizations/companies, etc can benefit from belonging to the various GQAA forums in areas of their specialization.
7. Staff from GQAA Member Institutions can also benefit from the following:
    • Right to vote during the GQAA General Conference
    • Serve as a short-term consultant and resource person in our areas of work.
    • Sponsorship (if such funds become available) to participate in GQAA-organized events like conferences and workshops
    • Subscription to the GQAA Newsletter
8.Paid Up Member institutions can benefit from the following:
    • Eligibility to apply for various institutional grants
    • Eligibility to participate in various continental initiatives, such as discounted fees for institutional and organizational assessments and evaluations for self-improvement.
9. Institutional visibility
10.Gaining new perspectives and ideas on the cutting-edge information, knowledge, skills and initiatives.
11. Continuous education on matters of interest that affect institutions/organizations/government sector, etc, from    recent changes in the laws to new technological tools that will make work easier and efficient as well as bring growth to the sector.
12. GQAA will host events and trainings to provide continuing quality assurance education. This will help the organizations to stay updated on quality assurance matters so that they can compete globally.
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