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Dr. Violet facilitated a workshop at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania 18-22 March 2024
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Dr. Violet together with some Authorities of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Heads of Sokoine University of Agriculture with Dr. Violet
Dr. Violet in a group photo with participants of the workshop.
Dr. Violet being welcomed by some section of Kindergarten pupils during the opening of the newly built classroom.
Dr. Violet Makuku opening the newly built classroom together with the Director of Education Adenta Municipality, Accra, Ghana, and the Head Teacher, Sowa Din Memorial Kindergarten School.
Dr. Violet Makuku together with the Head Teachers and the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairman, Mr Joseph Odoom (right), inspecting the classroom.
Dr. Violet Makuku togerher with the Director of Education, Adenta Municipality, and the Head Teacher, Sowa Din Memorial JHS 2 inspecting the classroom.
Dr. Violet in a group photo with the Director of Education, Adenta Municipality, the Head Teachers of Sowa Din Memorial School, PTA Chairman, some teachers and stakeholders of the school and some staff of the Global Quality Assurance Association.
The newly constructed Classroom for Sowa Din Memorial Kindergarten School
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Who We Are

The Global Quality Assurance Association (GQAA) is a non-profit organization which started its operations in January 2023. GQAA, which is based in Accra, Ghana, was formed to bring together people from all walks of life, sectors and levels in a bid to collaborate and work together to solve quality related matters.

The Director of the GQAA and her team wishes you a Fruitful, Successful, Productive, Impactful and Prosperous 2024!!!! 

Let us always remember that i) Quality starts with you!!! ii) Quality starts with me!!! iii) Quality is in our hands iv) Quality is everyone’s business and responsibility and v)Quality is doing right when no one is looking

– Henry Ford

#qualityassurance #qualityeducation #compliancematters #responsibilitymatters

To all those whom we worked with during the course of the year and all those who supported us to achieve our goals, we wish you a Merry Christmas & a Fruitful, Impactful as well as Prosperous 2024. We really enjoyed working with you all.

I Dr Makuku Violet cannot hide my joy and gratitude, on behalf of the whole GQAA Community as the Director & on my own behalf. Wishing you all well. 

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I first met Dr Makuku when she served on the accreditation panel at one of universities in Namibia. She came across as a knowledgeable and resourceful quality assurance practitioner who was generous to share her experience, both with our agency and the university. Since then, Dr Makuku has been our soundboard, both in her capacity as AAU official but also in her personal capacity. NCHE Namibia has benefited a lot from Dr Makuku's expertise and her encouragement for us to grow a robust quality assurance system in our country. We wish her wisdom and prosperity in her future endeavours. 


Sylvia Demas,

Deputy Executive Director: Operations National Council for Higher Education Secretariat, NAMIBIA

Waoh!!! 😱😱. I receive this with mixed feelings. I have known only you for a short period, just recently meeting you in AAU. Your vibrancy, dedication and passion to the events and vision of the organisation is exemplary and highly commendable. I saw you as possessing a lot to offer still to AAU. You will surely be missed. However, such qualities are impossible to conceal just as the shine of the light cannot be restrained. It radiates even above the horizon. Hence, I'm sure you will not only succeed in your future endeavours but you shall excel! May the Lord guide your path, strengthen your feet and endow you with wisdom. Amen!! Wishing you the very best Dr. Makuku.


Prof. P.O. Adeoye,

Director: Technical & Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

May I congratulate you Dr Violet Makuku as you venture into a wider service in Quality Assurance. AAU will miss you for the dedication and passion in uplifting quality in our institutions. Our online sessions were always vibrant in your presence. My physical interaction with you was so inspiring. You have made your mark in Quality Assurance and empowered some of us in a number of ways. I pray for God's blessings upon you as you pursue this essential service.

Dr Faith Mlotsa-Mngomezulu

Pro Vice Chancellor-Academics Southern Africa Nazarene University, Eswatini

You left AAU ma'am! You were so good and well positioned for AAU. You made me know AAU better. You could articulate issues so well that no one could think of leaving the online meeting. I will never forget you in my entire life. Wishing you another successful and rewarding journey as you work in another prominent and beneficial capacity.


Mr Stanley Sakala

Petauke Secondary School, Subject Teacher of Zambian Languages & English, Petauke, Zambia


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